AMHSA provides a wide range of training and workshop sessions covering a range of topics including:

  • Technical training (e.g. Carbon Footprint Workshop, Training Workshop, Fire Protection Workshop)  
  • Legal e.g., MF/1 training
  • Sales e.g. Exhibition staff training, Twitter for Business Training

AMHSA's training sessions are generally open to both members and non-members with reduced rates for AMHSA members.  

AMHSA events are generally booked online through the AMHSA Event Booking site.

Upcoming Events Include:

 Postponed Get it sorted! - Sorters, Weigh Scales, Labelling and Vision Systems 

This event has been postponed for now. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment but we shall re-visit this event in due course.

We have all said it - "get it sorted" but do we appreaciate what can be involved in the action. Many people take it for granted when everything is in its place or on its way - weighed, checked and labelled according to the units' destination.

This course is designed to offer a critical and detailed examination of the different types of product technologies within each of the disciplines - Sorters, Weighing equipment, visions systems and labelling technologies and their interation and relationship to the wider distribution centre disciplines.

Further details to follow including costs, venues and times.

 August Proposed - Robots the Picking Dilema (Date s.t.c.)

Robotics in the automated material handling world is once again demonstrating how this ingenious sector discipline can add even further long term savings to the distribution and supply chain costs.

Many studies have revealed a desire in numerous industries to introduce robotics and A.I. into business to deliver absolute cost savings. It does not come without its problems though. The picking dilema is fraught with baffling problems that continue to challenge even th most scientific of minds. Traditional claw grab or pincers are not always the most suitable solution for the picking of the more delicate goods and may require alternatice technologies, like suction, to eliminate the risk of damage.

This event will examine the history and rise of machines and robots. We shall take a look at the principals and uses for robots and cobots and how this may shape our future. We shall explore the practicalities and the use of robots and A.I. in the automated material handling sector and debate the how they might drive the nirvana of an autonomous distribution centre and even the complete supply chain.

More details will foow soon. This event promises to be thought provoking.

N.B. The timing for this event is subject to change but will be advertisied in the usual manner on Eventbrite once it is confirmed.

 September / October Proposed - Cranes Lanes & Automatic Guided Vehicles (Date s.t.c.)

Lift it, load it, move it, store it, shift it! All in a days work for the modern distribution centre. When unit loads need moving there are many solutions for getting them from A to B and all the way to Z if necessary. We take a look at this function during this seminar and examine approriateness and suitability for for various applications.

We hope to hold this seminar at a major UK Dairy Production distribution centre (to be confirmed) which will include a tour a of their facility. This opportunity will provide delegates with first hand experience and sight of a major bottling centre where, one of AMHSA's members have been instrumental in the design and installation of a state of the art material handling solution, helping to ensure the continuous movment of the prduct within the supply chain. 

More information to follow soon. This event may have a restricted number of delegates so please revisit the AMHSA website for dates if you want to attend.

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