AMHSA - Vision, Mission & Values - Four Pillars and our future direction

15 January 2018

AMHSA’s vision
“To be recognised as the UK’s leading authority on logistics automation, encouraging collaboration, networking and knowledge transfer across the supply chain.”

AMHSA’s mission
“Our mission is to be the vital link between logistics professionals and the automation industry.
“Based on our four pillars of Training, Quality, Networking & Promotion, we seek to accelerate the adoption of world-class automation logistics solutions across the UK supply chain.
“We aim to be a catalyst for positive change – helping to deliver world-class best practice across the UK logistics sector.”

AMHSA’s values
Our four pillars of training, quality, networking and promotion are underpinned by the following core values:
• Professional – “We operate transparently, upholding the highest values of integrity, whilst always respecting the commercial confidentiality of our members.”
• Expert – “We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the knowledge curve and spreading understanding and best practice throughout the supply chain.”
• Independent – “We provide unbiased, objective guidance and information on automation technology and trends within the supply chain.”
• Collaborative – “We work together for the benefit of our members and the wider logistics industry.”

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